Real Life: Today

Student: My dog ate Kara's art supplies.

* * * *

Me, to the entire class: Less than half of you turned in the last assignment. Can you give me feedback on why that is? Was the assignment unclear? Were the instructions unclear? What's going on?

Boy, who has done 0% of the work this semester/has participated 0%: You have lazy students.

 * * * *

[Student makes a virtual taco on a computer game]

* * * *

Me: Fill out your index card and turn it in up *here* on this blue chair. [draws arrow on whiteboard pointing directly to blue chair]

Student: Do I turn this in to you or do I put it in the basket?


Reasons I Love Him

Reasons I Love Him #114

"I have never hit snooze in my life."


A Breakdown of My Desk

I'm a teacher.
I'm a high school photography teacher. I was hired on mid-year at the high school I went to as a teenager. I got the job right after I graduated with my Bachelors degree. I'm also getting married in 17 days, so life is crazy. Honestly, that's not my real excuse of why my desk is so disorganized, because this is the desk version of my bedroom my entire life, my brain, my purse, my backpack, my computer, etc.

But my motivation to clean it up is at an absolute zero because my brain is unable to settle down. Plus, I manage with the disorganization.

1. Apron. I teach film photography, so in order to protect my extremely expensive and highly fashionable wardrobe from chemicals, sometimes I wear this. And a mask. And gloves.

2. Pile of stuff. Names of students who put art in the art show, a binder of purchase order info, inventory stuff I'm not going to worry about likely until the day it's due, flyers, folders, magazines, etc.

3. Another pile of stuff. National Honor Society recommendations, negatives, contact sheets, photos from the darkroom, Drawing 1 exercises I need to hand back, etc. Also, a wrapper from my granola bar and glasses I mostly only wear when using the projector.

4. Memory cards left in students' computers that I tape to my computer. Sometimes students claim them. Sometimes they don't. I think that's because some of them are actually mine?

5. Lamp. Sometimes my space heater.

6. Binder for camera/card checkout. I open this thing up 1 million times a day.

7. A Treasury of Classic Poetry. A student left it behind yesterday. I also have a phone charger someone else left behind. This is becoming a common problem.

8. A couple of Holga cameras. AKA "toy cameras". They are like $35 on Amazon.com and you take instagram-like pictures using film. It's my best friend because students have had more successful rolls of film than on any other assignment using these cameras.

9. Pile of newspapers. I have no idea where they came from.

10. A gym bag. One of my students has been leaving it in here throughout the day this week.

11. My purse. It's always usually sitting right there. My purse looks just like my desk.

12. My shoes I've worn since my sophomore year of high school. One buckle is broken.

13. Another pile of stuff. Folders and papers. I had to organize my desk quickly last week when I had a sub come in.

14. Negatives that didn't work out for a couple of students. This is one of many. It's seriously a mystery I have to solve every time it happens. Was it the fixer? Was it camera problems? Did they put the column into the film tank correctly? Did they open the back of the camera prematurely? Did they even take pictures in the first place?


People Blog Still?

I mean, of course they do.

How else would we learn about women's opinions on leggings or the right way to handle vaccinations or the ten best ways to keep the spark in your relationship?

But in my world, for the most part, blogging has disintegrated slightly. I've been mildly distracted. Let me give you a rundown.

I student taught in Tonga.
I student taught in the states.
I started dating the greatest human ever.
I turned in my senior portfolio (twice).
I graduated/earned my teaching license.
I got a job teaching photography at the very same high school I attended a few years back.
I got engaged to the greatest human ever. 

Now I'm swamped with lesson plans, grading, stress headaches, wedding plans, and a really messy desk.

Tomorrow we're taking engagement pictures. Stay tuned, because we're really in love and we'll probably look pretty cute.


Baby Boy

 I love nephews.


Me'a a

Just a matter of days until I peace out to this joint:

Before then, I have to do the following:
Learn how to breathe
Prepare an art program for Tonga High
Write a research paper on Picasso's Analytical Cubism period
Learn the entire second half of my art history course
Take an art history final

So, what I'm trying to say is that I don't have time to be writing a blog post right now. It's fine.

Send help.
Me'a a, people.